Fire Extinguisher

Our mobile fire extinguisher recharge units allow us to fill extinguishers while in the field, reducing your down time.

Fire Extinguisher

our passion for providing superior customer service goes unmatched. Here are just a few of the many benefits that our customers enjoy:
  • With our large team of certified technicians, you can expect fast, friendly service at your place of business, as well as walk-in service at our stores.
  • Our mobile fire extinguisher recharge units allow us to fill extinguishers while in the field, reducing your down time.
  • Our Scheduled Service Program notifies you when it is time for your inspections and allows us to track your safety equipment inventory and maintenance due dates so that you don't have to!
We can provide monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual maintenance depending on your needs. With National Fire Fighter Corp. protecting you and your business, you can rest assured that your fire safety equipment will function properly in your time of need. When you allow National Fire Fighter to assist you with your fire protection needs, you can be sure that inspection, testing, and maintenance of your equipment is performed properly while meeting local codes and required regulatory standards. One of the many ways we assist you with your fire protection needs is our new barcode management system. Our barcode management system:
  • Ensures inspection and maintenance is documented for your OSHA, Fire Marshal, internal risk management, and insurance needs.
  • Allows for online 24/7 access to your inspection report. You can forget about filing cabinets and searching for old reports.
  • Checks for recalled devices
  • Date and time stamps scan of each device so you know when an inspector was inspecting each device. Forecasts future maintenance and servicing for the next three years, allowing you to budget for next year’s services.
  • Creates a full equipment/inventory list which helps ensure that devices do not get missed. Allows you to view what inspections and services were performed on each device i.e. annual inspection, 6 year maintenance, Hydro Test
  • Gives National Fire Fighter Corp the ability to provide separate inspection reports for each building of your property.
  • Eliminates illegible handwritten tickets or inventory lists
  • Ensures that you have access to an inspection report, not just an invoice.

24 / 7 SERVICE

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